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Saturday, 13 March 2010

AOI competition - works in progress

Thought I'd share some works in progress I'm producing as possible entries for the AOI cycling in London competition...

Initial rough developments:

Works in progress:

idea 1:

I'm fairly happy with how the bike map image has turned out so far, a fairly simple idea with equally simple execution. I produced this quite rapidly (about 45 mins from start to finish) using illustrator and then a little bit of tweaking in photoshop to add texture. I drew most of the line work as strokes with thickness and an extra outline by using the appearance palette. I may add some more text to this and I'm also toying with the idea of doing a screen printed version of it too...

idea 2 developments:

current work in progress:

A completely different approach taken with the London eye/bike wheel image which is still very much an early work in progress - I'm going to draw the bike wheel and frame to make the forks and spokes clearer and tweak the carriages further. I've used scans of some monoprints I did a while back to add texture. The whole image is composed in photoshop and currently has around 16 layers with lots of use of channels, masking and blending modes...

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