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Sunday, 4 September 2011

UPDATE TIME!!! Urban Sketch Day 1 - 27/7/11

Well it's been a while since I last bothered with this, but seeing as I've filled another sketchbook this summer I figured I'd showcase some of the work so far. Off the back of the sketchbook I did last year (see the previous post...), and after discussions with a fellow illustrator and teaching colleague of mine (Gareth Sleightholme - check out his excellent blog here - as you can see he's much better at the whole blogging malarkey than I am...) we decided to set up an urban drawing group in our home city of Hull.

And the results so far have been great, we've set up a Facebook group (gallery here) and we've been meeting up every Wednesday and Saturday over the summer period, a total of twelve days of drawing so far. We've had a range of people attending the sessions, quite a few ex students as well as some new faces too and it's been a lot of fun :)

(Probably gonna have to break this up into separate posts...)

Sketch Day 1 - Hull City centre/Marina 27/7/11

First drawing of the day - behind Hull transport interchange - ballpoint and watercolour

Second drawing - View down Humber Street - ballpoint

Drawing three - Green Bricks pub facade - ballpoint

Drawing four - Some of the attending sketchers - Brush markers (digitally recoloured)

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