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Sunday, 4 September 2011

Urban Sketch Day 11 - 31/8/11

The location for day 11 was Walton Street Market/Car boot sale in the morning and then we wound up (the few that were there on the day) in West park in the afternoon.

Drawing one - Market/car boot vendor van one - I really liked the way the van owner had his feet sticking out the side!
Market/car boot vendor van two (didn't complete this drawing due to a rather grumpy stall holder telling us we couldn't sit at his tables as they was for customers only - and I'd bought a drink and sandwich off him - miserable git...)

Mobile butchers - this guy was great - so entertaining listening to his patter...

After the market started closing down we wandered over to West Park, about 5 minutes walk away, and spent some time at the aviary - the birds were really challenging but fun to try to capture. Really want to go back and tackle these again with colour some time...
Around the corner from the aviary was a small scale steam train, this was a quick study of one of the guys who was working on one of the trains
Figure studies - train enthusiasts

Spotted this ice-cream van which I just had to draw. Whilst doing so the girl who was working it saw me and came over and asked if she could take a picture of the drawing on her phone once I'd finished so she could show the owner. Result - free ice-cream :D

Final drawing of the day was of this 'kung-fu' wallaby (earlier on he'd been picking up and swinging sticks like a ninja warrior  ha ha!)

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