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Sunday, 4 September 2011

Urban Sketch Day 9 - 24/8/11

Day 9 location was held once again at Pearson Park:

Some of the other sketchers in action

L - Sketchers Lok Ian Leong and Luke Kendall. R - Ian drawing

Princes Avenue view - I drew this the day before - unfortunately it started raining so I called it a day. The location is a couple of minutes walk from the park which is why I've included it here...

First drawing of the day - Trying out a something new - combining coloured fineliners, watercolour pencils and aqua brushes...
Pearson Park Queen Statue - this was a popular subject amongst the sketchers

Ducks - quack quack!
In the afternoon, Quentin Budworth, one of the other sketchers asked if I would demonstrate how I actually go about making a drawing of a complex subject such as a building, so here are a few snaps of some of the stages of a drawing. The process I tend to use is to block out fairly rapidly the main shapes and geometry of what I'm observing, and then gradually refine and tighten up elements of the drawing in stages. This was actually a really interesting experience as I've never really demonstrated my own process to such an extent, even whilst teaching, and this may be something to explore further perhaps by filming a drawing session in the future...

And that's another sketchbook filled :) Time to start a new one :D

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