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Sunday, 4 September 2011

Urban Sketch Day 7 - 17/8/11

Day 7 location was outside the old Edwin Davis Bond St Warehouse and then in the afternoon we had permission (thanks to Gareth Sleightholme) to draw inside the Dram Shop pub on the corner of George Street. The morning although quite sunny was actually quite cold in the shade, so retiring to the pub was a welcome aspect to the day. There was a really good turn out for this one too :)

Drawing one - Edwin Davis Bond Street warehouse

Drawing two - Dramshop bar interior

Drawing three - Sketchers and punters inside Dramshop. The three sketchers from l to r  are Gareth Sleightholme, Luke Kendall and Shay Hulbert

Dramshop customer figure studies

Drawing four - Luke Kendall sketching

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